Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Birthday McDivot and Fairway Solitaire!

Working at Big Fish is the most amazing experience of my career. I can't describe the joy and pride I feel having created a set of characters that have actually drawn in fans.

When John Cutter, the creator of Fairway, gave me my nickname I was tickled pink. I'm listed as the "Gopher Wrangler" in the game credits screen and it even says it on my business cards. I love that! I will happily remain the unofficial Gopher Wrangler for as long as I am allowed.

This weekend we are celebrating McDivot's 3rd birthday in tandem with "Fairway Solitaire's" 3rd anniversary.

After 3 years McDivot, Sandy and Burnie have earned a few grey hares (rimshot!).

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More Garfield

Here are a few more.
At this moment these are the only digital files from Garfield that I have.

Garfield T-Shirts? Go figure.

When I began working as an artist and wannabe cartoonist I found work designing T-shirts. I spent about twelve years at this. Twelve... long... years. This was my first regular and semi-regular bread-and-butter. I started as a freelancer. "Contractor" was not a word I knew then. I worked for both big and small companies. Some of them were garage ventures.

Eventually I found regular work full time for a few different companies. While at my final T-shirt company, Sun Sportswear (extinct), I did scads of licensed character art. Garfield was one of the most popular lines. 
Imagine that. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Day 5 Art Challenge

Last set of the art challenge.

This unintentionally turned into a cat themes set.
2 Christmas cards and a portrait of our adorably standoffish cat, Trixie.

Day 4 Art Challenge

These are from my old comic strip that a few people can still remember. A very early version of "Bink" ran in the UW Daily while I was in college and again in the Daily Olympian. After that I tried getting it accepted to newspaper syndicates.

Anyone see a resemblance with Spot the Slug & Burnie the Worm?

Day 3 Art Challenge

Some of this may be a repeat. I'm not sure.
Anyway, these are some personal pieces.