Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome to my very first blog

This is my very first blog so be kind. I'm fragile.
Blogs seem to be the way to go with art portfolios so I think I had better adapt. I will need a bit of ramp up time to get used to how to be awesome.

In the weeks and months to come I hope to add more art.

Short bio:
I am an artist at Big Fish. I am the creator of Gusty McDivot, his love interest Sandy Mulligan and his best pal Burnie the worm.

#mcdivot, #gopher, #gopherwrangler, #fairwaysolitaire, #green, #jeffwillis, #jeffwillisartist, #animation, #cartoon, #sandy, #Burnie, #illustration


  1. Exellent blog launch, jeff. Love your work and will check in regularly.

  2. Love your work! Using you as an example for my son Shane who aspires to be a cartoonist! Look forward to your updates.