Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Small Boast

I'm not a big award winning artist.
But why not boast about the time I did win an award. It's on my resume after all.

I won the 2002 "Golden Toonie", or the "Cartoonist of the Year Award" from Cartoonists Northwest.
I've been a member of this group for so long I can't even remember how long it's been. 25 years sounds about right. I give them full credit for getting me my first proper freelance job (contracting to you multimedia working millennials). It was a T-shirt designing job. Low pay but semi regular.

In 2002 I was working as a video game artist. After some work on a Harry Potter game among other titles the fabulous group was kind enough to award me the honor and I am truly grateful. It put me in some stellar company of artists too if you check the list of past winners including "Bloom County's" Berkeley Breathed, 2-time Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist David Horsey, Steve Greenberg, Brain Basset, Lynn Johnston the creator of "For Better or Worse" and John "Last Kiss/Donald Duck" Lustig. Not to mention Peter Bagge, Jim Woodring and Donna Barr.
It's quite humbling.
Not humbling enough not to mention it at least once :)

Where is he now?
Working with a wonderful varmint at Big Fish.

Golden Toonie Award Winners
·         2011 T Lewis and Shannon Wheeler (tie)
·         2010 Keith Curtis
·         2009 Kevin Boze and Mark Monlux (tie)
·         2008 David Lasky
·         2007 Pat Moriarity
·         2006 Sherry Flenniken
·         2005 Peter Bagge
·         2004 Rick Hoberg
·         2003 Kevin Brockschmidt
·         2002 Jeff Willis
·         2001 Ellen Forney
·         2000 John Lustig
·         1999 Jim Woodring
·         1998 Roberta Greogory
·         1997 Art Bouthillier
·         1996 Donna Barr and Peter Oakley (tie)
·         1995 Lynn Johnston
·         1994 Brian Basset
·         1993 Berkeley Breathed
·         1992 David Horsey
·         1991 George Jartos
·         1991 Steve Greenberg

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