Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day Dash design

Here's a design I really enjoyed doing. It wasn't a cartoon so it was out of my comfort zone. But I still enjoyed the process (and thanks to Mark and Kristi for letting me use their computer since I didn't have one at the time).

I had a freelance project to design the 13th annual Seattle Saint Patrick's Day Dash T-shirt and poster designs. It did pay a whole lot but it was an amazing experience being in a race (yes, I used to run... sorta) where most of the participants were wearing my design.

Front and back.
The back design was also used on posters.
The front design was also used in a 1/2-hour TV show about the race.

Side note; when I went to sign up for the race at a local Seattle restaurant I got to meet Sonny Sixkiller who was also promoting the race. He even bought me a beer. 
How cool is that!

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