Monday, April 3, 2017

Animations - Wildshots! Set #1

I thought I'd try posting more animations.

These are from Fairway Solitaire. We have a series of "wildshots" in the game that can pop up at any time. These little videos illustrate what each one is about in just a second or two or three.

These are the only copies I could get a hold of so there are a few minor rough edges.

I had to be nimble with these. There roughly 30 I needed to do so each one took about a day depending on the number of frames, necessary particle effects, etc...
And like with the featurette cartoons I  was making things up as I went along!

If I recall correctly the first animation is the very first time I rendered McDivot for the game.
This is his debut straight from my brain!

Hope you like 'em!



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